115% Price Guarantee

We are so certain of the value for money that we provide we can offer you our 115% price guarantee. No catches, no arguments, if you find the costume you’ve bought for less than the price we offer on any other Irish website we will give you 115% of the price difference- simple as that!

How do you get your 115%?

  • If you haven't already bought the item, place an order with us and follow the steps detailed below. If you already have the item, just jump to the next step
  • Email [email protected] with the following information:
    • Your order number and the product in question
    • A link to the other site with the identical product
    • Once we have all the information, we will verify the competitor’s lower price, based on the following criteria:
      • Item(s) found on the other site must be the same product, the same size and by the same manufacturer to the item purchased by you
      • The other site cannot be an auction site and must offer a delivery service on that item
      • Item(s) must be held in stock in Ireland and be available to ship to the address your order was shipped to within 3 days
      • Item(s) on the other site must be brand new and cannot be materially different from the item bought on FancyDressWorld.ie
      • The price of the item(s) must be lower without the use of any coupon codes 
      • Items(s) should not be a part of consignment, wholesale agreement, liquidation, closeout sale and should be available to buy in units of one
      • The price of the item(s) quoted should not be for wholesale or group buying
      • All costs, including shipping, taxes and any other applicable expenses, will be taken into consideration for comparison
      • Items must be advertised inclusive of Irish VAT if applicable on the class off good.
  • The item(s) should have been bought from FancyDressWorld.ie in the last 14 days
  • If applicable, an amount of 115% of the difference will be refunded 
  • The whole process could take upto 14 working days while we verify the difference- it takes us time to digest the fact that someone else could be cheaper!